We Are Worthy

There is a Worthy cause behind every product we support. Worthy educates consumers on the importance of choosing eco-friendly and 100% compostable clothing and recyclable goods. This is done through products that become conversation pieces as they are carefully selected based on the Worthy standard. Consumer choices, although seemingly trivial on an individual level, can create a global impact when unified. In this way, the impact we have on society will grow along with Worthy’s influence, ultimately protecting our natural resources and our people. By utilizing the marketplace as a platform to educate, we are going directly to the source of wasteful consumerism. Worthy wants to go the crux of the choice and offer people a solution rather than pollution. We show consumers the eco-alternatives to products they likely already know and use. Inspiring consumers to make educated decisions will also raise awareness on issues regarding the health and wellness of our ecosystems, our bodies, our waters and the planet as a whole.


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