WeAreWorthy was founded in a process of deep introspection about humanity and the environment. Our planet, Hawaii included, has been disrupted by negative environmental impacts. The results of many adverse changes in our environment have made us aware of how important the balance between nature and humanity is. This is an issue for survival on all fronts. 

WeAreWorthy is an exponentially growing company that generates environmental awareness by combining artistic talent, event production and environmentally friendly fashion and product manufacturing with the support of an international team of like-minded activists. We are here to teach the audience about the individual and global benefits of “going green.” A Team of enthusiastic optimists is here to tell YOU how to make a difference. We want everyone to choose Eco because it matters!

Dyeing Techniques



Ajrak is a unique classical blend of handloom textiles and vegetable dying techniques.The cloth is made in a sixteen step process of washing, dyeing, printing, and drying. Ajrak printing is recognized as one of mankind's earliest fabric printing techniques, which utilizes hand carved wooden blocks, dipped in dye, in a complex layering process.


The process of creating Ajrak needs time and energy. Depending on the complexity of the planning, the number of colors, and the different types of blocks used, it can take up to twenty people to prepare a single unique garment


Our Textiles 

Bengal Cotton

Cotton from Bengal is world renown for its high quality with respect to the production of fine yarns, that are hand loomed. This region of India is known as one of the origins for the textile industry, and was infamous for exporting their fabrics internationally.

Our Background

Worthy LLC is a Hawaii based business that was founded by Savannah Adler of Kailua, Oahu in 2013 and co-founded by Benjamin Revord of Pittsfield, Massachusetts in 2015. Currently we are selling our products online at, and at local markets and special events. We can be reached via email at, or by phone at (808) 341-2365.


How do we describe We Are Worthy?

We Are Worthy is a multi facetted company that focuses on outreach and education by way of fashion and event production. Our goal is to open the dialogue about environmental stewardship and the welfare of laborers within the supply chain. Being that fashion is the second largest polluting industry in the world, we find it imperative that we take responsibility for the decisions that we make as designers by providing eco-alternatives in the marketplace. We focus our environmental awareness and education efforts toward topics such as ocean conservation and fair trade labor practices.


What does We Are Worthy carry/offer?

Worthy LLC currently carries a collaborative clothing line between Worthy’s private label, We Are Worthy, and Jaipur Pink, a couture brand by Sunita Burad from Jaipur, India. This collaboration is referred to as WeAreWorthy x Jaipur Pink and is comprised of fine, high quality, hand loomed Bengali cotton boutique wear, and 100% cotton Ajrakh statement pieces for both men and women. Bengal is famous for their fine cotton yarns, while Ajrakh is a complex art form that utilizes a 16 step natural dying and washing process. These garments are pieces of art which coincide with our efforts of participating in the slow fashion movement.


Where can people find We Are Worthy?

Currently we are selling our products online at and at pop up events at SALT at Our Kaka’ako’s Morning Brew Cafe. We also sell in a co-founded student boutique named Haumana Soul at the Ohana Hale Marketplace located in Honolulu; booth #46, 333 Ward Ave in Honolulu, Hawaii.


What makes We Are Worthy unique?

We Are Worthy is a unique clothing brand because of its strong desire to bring high quality, limited edition, wearable art pieces, coupled with a story that takes us from Loom to Hanger™. We support the formation of a vocational learning center for women with disabilities in India with the designer we collaborate with and participate in outreach locally here on Oahu. We are very connected to our WHY which keeps our focus on positive change and environmental impact. We named our clothing line We Are Worthy to empower people to understand their worth, other people's worth, and that they too can make a positive impact. To demonstrate this, we have named each of our garments after the people who have supported our launch who have aligned themselves with our vision, such as our models, Fashion Show Coordinator and Makeup Artist Bianca Moors, family members and friends.


What's next?

With the launch of our new website, March 1, 2019, customers will be able to enjoy 20% off of our all natural garments. We Are Worthy is in the process of launching a limited 100% certified organic cotton t-shirt line with original artwork in order to create awareness about endangered species and habitats. This line will be launched during Earth Day at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, which will be co-produced by Savannah Adler and Benjamin Revord of Worthy LLC. We Are Worthy is also preparing to release a follow up clothing line of which will use GOTS certified organic cotton and GOTS certified organic vegetable dyes. More exciting news and releases coming soon!


Why We Are Worthy?

We Are Worthy was formed on the basis of introspection regarding the health and wellness of our planet, and our responsibility to be good stewards of the land we were given. What we adorn ourselves with, every day, speaks volumes about who we are as individuals and what we support. We Are Worthy’s goal has always been to provide conversation pieces that pertain to environmental health and social wellness by way of the marketplace. These conversations flow effortlessly between us and our customers as we engage with them about our products and they engage with us eager to learn more. What we purchase, what we wear, and what we represent are powerful ways to align with a movement. Our movement is toward ethical production and conscious consumption.


What to look forward to next!

Be on the lookout for our forming non-profit event production company, Worthy Productions, that will create and host festivals, events, and atmospheres for impact, inspiration, and positive change. If you missed our first festival, the Moana Lani Festival, you can register to receive a personal invitation to our next event under the Worthy Productions tab on our website

We Are Worthy
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Savannah Adler
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Benjamin Revord
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